Product Name : Band Saw
                        Product No : CK-22LGZS
                        PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS
                        The lateest addition to our vertical wood brand saw, wood cutting band saw offer affordable versatility not found on any saw in its class. Start with inverter motor speed control 220volts, single phase goes in and 220volts, 3-phase comes out giving you infinite control over the blade speed with just the turn of a dial. Blade changes are fast and easy with the quick release blade feature. This combination allows you to cut any variety of materials (even wood) and adjust for blade width, tooth pitch and speed on one machinel Check out all the other features listed below,
                        • Variable frequency drive speed control
                        • Left and rifht table tilting control
                        • Upper and lower blade guides
                        • Rack and pinion adjustment on upper blade guide support
                        • Precision ground cast iron table
                        • Fully balanced cast alumimum wheels with rubber tires
                        • Quick release blade tension
                        • Steel guide blocks
                        • 2-1/2” universal dust port
                        • includes rip fence and miter gauge
                        • Rip fence comes with
                        • Right and left reading indicators
                        • T-slots for quick change attachments
                        • Dead lift quick release
                        • Ball bearing slide
                        • Virtical Band Saw, Metal cutting bandsaw
                        MODEL NO.CK-22LGZS
                        BANDSAW SIZE 22”
                        BLADE CAPACITY 1/4”~ 1-1/4”
                        BLADE LENGTH 4350mm
                        TABLE SIZE 23” X 30”
                        TABLE TILT 00~450
                        FLOOR TO TABLE HEIGHT 37”
                        BLADE SPEED 350~4000F.P.M.
                        POWER IN PUT 220V/3PH
                        MOTOR 5HP/860RPM
                        MAX. WIDTH OF CUT 21.5”
                        MAX. HIGHEST OF CUT 16”
                        MACHINE WEIGHT (KGS) 345/407kgs
                        CUFT 72.7’
                        MATERIALTPISPEED (FPM)
                        WOOD 6-10 2000
                        ALUMINUM 6-14 990-1980
                        COPPER PIPE 14-22 390-590
                        COPPER PLATE 12-22 390-990
                        COPPER CAST 6-12 195-390
                        STEEL 18-24 150-200
                        CAST IRON 16-24 150-200