Product Name : Negative Pressure Type Exhaust Fan
                        Product No : CK-740
                        Servo brushless drive, energy saving 50%
                        • Large air volume, low noise, smooth operation long life.
                        • Completely improve the plant high temperature, hot, dust and poor ventilation environment
                        • The blinds can be turned off with the exhaust fan start.
                        • Leaf airtight high, good dust and dustproof function.
                        Applicable to industrial plants, agricultural greenhouses, livestock and animal husbandry to improve the plant temperature and heat environment, and completely improve the ambient air quality.
                        PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS
                          Protective net
                        • Safety protective net: nuggets with fine grid galvanized protective net, easy to rust all the foreign body to prevent intrusion.
                        • Fan blade: high rigidity galvanized sheet, a stamping, fan blades through dynamic balance correction, smooth and smooth operation.
                        • Direct drive servo motor: the wind drive with direct drive servo motor drive, high efficiency energy output energy consumption.
                        • Frequency control 50%: motor drive control, wind speed adjustable
                        Motor 2HP
                        Voltage 1PH, 3PH, 220V
                        Speed 0 ~ 430 RPM
                        Dimension  L x W x H 1380 x 400 x 1380 mm
                        N.W./G.W. 83kgs