Product Name : Vertical Milling Machines
                        Product No : CK-830I
                        PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS
                        Heavy duty milling machine CK-830I
                        • Variable speed frequency drive allows speeds from 200 to 2250RPM
                        • Fold up safety handles
                        • Head tilts to 90o both ways. 360o rotation on horizontal surface.
                        • Lower noise and convenient operation
                        • Table locks for high rigidity
                        • Cast iron construction through out machine
                        • Forward/reversing switch with emergency stop
                        • High precision ground vertical and cross ways
                        • Single stop with micro-adjustable setting
                        The is heavy duty milling machine compared to other similar products belongs to high quality level
                        MODEL NO.CK-830I
                        SPINDLE TAPER MT3 or R8 or NT30
                        SPINDLE MAX. TRAVEL 3-1/2”(88.9mm)
                        SPINDLE SPEED 200~2250RPM (Inverter)
                        DISTANCE, SPINDLE TO TABLE SURFACE(Z) 2.5”~19”(65-480mm)
                        SIZE OF WORKING TALBLE 8”x30”(205~760mm)
                        T-SLOTS SIZE(NUMBER) 3/8” (3 slots)
                        MAX. LONGITUDINAL TRAVLE (X) 18-1/2” (470mm)
                        MAX. CROSS TRAVEL (Y) 8” (200mm)
                        DISTANCE, VERTICAL TRAVEL OF TABLE (Z) 18”(455mm)
                        SWING 7.6” (195mm)
                        LEAD SCREW PITCH 1”x8 TPI or 3mm
                        VERTICAL HEAD TILT ANGEL (R &L) 90
                        RAWM SWIVELING ANGLE 360
                        MOTOR 1.5HP 3PH
                        NET WEIGHT (APPROX.) 450KGS
                        SHIP WEIGHT (APPROX.) 1set545kgs/ 2set 1000kgs
                        PACKING (1SET) 44” x44” x 76”
                        PACKING (2SET) 44-1/2”x 56” x 76”
                        ARM TRAVEL NO
                        OPTIONAL: D.R.O. system, Power feed , Coolant Pump System & Chip Tray, Chip Trap (only), Enclose Stand, CE standards parts