Product Name : CNC PTP Machine
                        Product No : CK-PTP-3013
                        PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS
                        • Unfailing work piece processing, two-station working table and four station working table choose by customer. Five sides drilling, Automatic chip removal.
                        • Precision gas drilling row drilling legislation can be easily resolved, lateral drilling, sawing and other processing problems trough.
                        • Custom of Kitchen wardrobe, wine and other professional audio-visual cabinet CNC drilling machine.
                        TABLE SIZE Table size 1300MM*6pcs
                        Pods 135*135*50mm*24pcs
                        Front stops 6pcs
                        Intermedia stops 6pcs
                        Positioning air cylinder 4pcs
                        Panel lifting Blades 6pcs
                        Max. working stroke Working area 3000*1300mm
                        X & Xg-Axis 3570mm, Y-Axis-1800mm , Z-Axis- 370mm
                        Working height 200mm
                        Main Power Spindle power 9KW-ISO-30
                        Vacuum pump 4.8KW-160M3/H
                        Pneumatic line boring head 9V3H1S-2.2KW
                        Rapid speed X & Y-Axis 80M/min
                        Z-Axis 20M/min
                        Dimensions Area 5300*5250*2500mm
                        Net weight 4500kgs
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