Product Name : Curved Surface Sanding Machine-Economical
                        Product No : STB
                        Irregular surface sanding machine Mechanical Features:
                        • Stable in processing with heavy structure.
                        • Fast and simple to satisfy all kinds of sanding, e.g., surface sanding, lacquered panel sanding, surface polishing, and edge trimming.
                        • Frame and part with long life.
                        • Parts made from Taiwan or Europe with high quality.
                        • User-oriented and modularized design for Mechanic. Consumables and Spare Parts can be exchanged fast.

                        Additional files

                        Max Working width(mm) 1000 1300 1000 1300
                        Max working thichness(mm) 100 100 100 100
                        Min working piece(mm) 450 450 450 450
                        Straight brush motor 1HP 2 HP  
                        Disk brush motor 1 HP 2 HP
                        Horizontal brush motor   1HP 2HP
                        Conveyor motor 1 HP 2 HP 1HP 2HP
                        Feeding speed 5?20M /最小值 5?20M /最小值
                        Swing motor 1/8 HP 1/4 HP 2001/8/20 1 / 4HP
                        Optional ■馬力加大
                        Specificatios and designcharacteristicsare subject to change without prior notice.